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Custom Care Nursing Ltd is one of New Zealand's fastest growing health and community care service providers. We specialise in a range of health care services throughout New Zealand.

Our team of Registered Nurses, Service Coordinators, Complex Care Specialists, Rehabilitation Support Staff, and Support Workers around the country are dedicated to delivering care of the highest standard. 

Whatever your needs are we can customise the right care package or staffing solution for you.

How Can We Help You?  


ACC Funded Support For Short Term Injury

For people who have had an injury where support 

is needed to rehabilitate and return to full function. 

If you have been approved ACC Funded services we 

can help.

ACC Funded Support For Serious Long Term Injury

For people who have a long term injury or disability that 

is ACC Funded.  We can help maximise your independence, 

supporting you in your home and out in the community



Private Care & Home Support Services

If you, or a loved one, needs private care from as little 

as 1 hour per week through to 24 hour care.  We have 

Support Workers around the country available to provide 

a quality service.

Registered Nursing Support In Your Home

If your support needs are more medical we have 

Registered Nurses available to provide your private 

nursing cares.  



 Palliative Care In Your Home

For those nearing the end of life we can provide 

a Senior Support Worker or Registered Nurse to

ensure you, and your loved ones, are supported

through this difficult time.