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Home and Community Care Maximising Independence

Living with a serious and long term injury can be extremely stressful and often times frustrating, particularly when activities you had previously enjoyed doing are no longer so easy to manage or able to be done.  

At Custom Care Nursing we believe that people should be supported and encouraged to get the best out of life.  We can work with you to set your goals, to help you achieve your goals, and to celebrate your achievements.  

We have some of the most experienced professional teams available to meet all of your support needs. They are dedicated, compassionate, highly skilled people that will work with you to achieve your goals and support you in maintaining as much independence as you can.   Whether you have a new injury, or are looking to be supported by an alternative provider to your current one - we can help. 

To reach the maximum level of independence and maintain it we put you firmly in the drivers seat.  We will not come into your home and tell you how you should do things, we respect your right to make your own decisions about your care, to choose who is on your care team, to choose what meal you have, or what activity you wish to do.  Our job is to support you, encourage you, and work with you.  

Call or email us to discuss how we can help you maximise your independence.


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