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No matter what your requirements are, whether you need child care or assistance for grandparents, we have the right person and service available for you.  

Our services are all able to be customised specifically to meet your needs or the needs of a loved one.  

With our Nationwide service we are able to give you peace of mind when you can not be there yourself.  

Our private care service can be for as 

little as one hour per visit to 24 hour care.  


We can provide you with one of our very experienced Support Workers, or if your needs are a little more medical we can provide a Registered Nurse to support you within your own home.

The type of support we can offer includes any of the following services that can be provided alone or in any combination:

Child Care

Children can be a handful, specially when feeling under the weather.  Our experienced staff can assist with getting the children ready for school, off to play group, ensuring the home work is done, sporting and after school activities are attended.  We can support you with any age group from newborn to teens.  

Personal Care Assistance 

Assistance with Personal Cares can include support and assistance with showering/bathing, grooming, dressing/undressing, medication oversight, assistance with mobility and safety visits. 

                           Home Management Support

We can provide regular weekly maintenance of the home where we vacuum, mop, dust, change the bed linen, clean the bathroom and toilet areas, assist with laundry, cleaning the kitchen surfaces, cleaning the fridge, stove tops, and ironing. 

We can also provide one-off spring cleans, house/flat cleaning when moving house, getting the home ready for the holiday season, or for what ever reason you may have.

Meal Preparation

Worried your loved ones are not eating right?  We can visit at any meal time to prepare a healthy and nutritional home cooked meal. We will serve the meal and clean up afterwards.

Shopping Assistance

Having difficulty getting out to the supermarket alone? Need help to find everything you need, and to get it home and put away? No problem, we can go with you to the supermarket to support you or we can take your shopping list and get the shopping for you if getting out and about is not so manageable at the time.   

Community Access and Participation

Getting out and about in the community to participate and socialise can be extremely important to a persons social and emotional well being. We will support you to get out and do the things you love, or to try new experiences.  

Registered Nursing

Sometimes things can require that little extra professional assistance.  We have a mix of Registered and Enrolled Nurses with New Zealand Registration across the country able to provide support and care in your home during any medical event or convalescence and recovery period.

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